Shadow in the Darkness (echox) wrote,
Shadow in the Darkness

why ask what you already know

i'm not even sure why i am putting this is into some type of black and white.

we've been together for 4 1/2 years. when i met him, he had had his tattoo shop for FOUR days. i helped support the shop in it's 3 years of existence financially. anything from paying the rent, to the phone and internet, to even putting in $800 for signage. the shop failed. he employed his friends and was too much of a pussy to supervise them. so, the did what they wanted to do...and so did he. inevidabley, the shop failed. it's not like he could pay bills with the money that he could make there. every penny that he made from that place went back into it. i was lucky to get $30 here or $100 there for the household expenses. then he wondered why i was "SO UPSET" when i didn't have the funds for the heat, the mortgage, the phone (in which i had added him to my plan with the expectation that he would pay his share). months went by. month after month in which i had to earn my money and ONLY my money to pay for the household which he had been a resident in for years...

and now there is now. he has had a couple of jobs. here and there. he can't hold a job. he quit the the last one because they switched him from hourly to piece work. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. i dunno when he will get it thru his head that some money is better than no money. he says he has some type of work ethic but it has taken until now to see that he has none. he doesn't want to work. he wants to make excuses for everything.
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