Shadow in the Darkness (echox) wrote,
Shadow in the Darkness

Help Anyone?

I am in need of your help.
Last week my husband did a system restore on our computer at home. We lost a little information, but that is okay.
My problem is the Microsoft Student Office.

The software stayed on the computer, but it is wanting me to re-register it. The computer and the software were my son's 12th birthday present from his dad last year (dad lives in NC).
His dad wanted the software back after we loaded it (and registered the software with Microsoft).

Patrick, my son, is in NC with his dad right now as we speak, but his dad won't give him the registration number for the software to send to me!!! I have a shitload of work i need to do from home this weekend, but i can't if i don't have Excel!

does anyone have a registration .. for the software they can share with me?????? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! This is no bullshit, i am in diar straights right now and flippin out that i won't get this assignment done, and i dont' want to lose my job!

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